Single Parents Conference

We are having in-depth discussions on the joys and struggles of single Parenting in our modern life on the 11th of December,2021

Changing Mindset

  Share your concerns and experiences with Digital inclusion and Social exclusion.... "It is widely acknowledged that barriers to digital inclusion are connected with social exclusion and associated social capital and social stratification trends (Clayton and McDonald, 2013) and that those vulnerable and at high risk of social exclusion are also those in greatest need […]

Tradition and Culture

In a clinical setting, cultural meanings of mental illness can account for whether and how a patient: Seeks or avoids treatment Perceives and expresses symptoms Copes with stress Adheres to treatment plans Attaches stigma to mental illness Let us discuss

Bridging The Gap


Bridging the gap in Digital inclusion isn’t about avoiding or getting scared, but learning to harness them to your advantage. Themes to be addressed in this conference include, but are not limited to: Discussing vulnerable people’s digital inclusion. Vulnerability in the context of digital inclusion. Current state of vulnerable people’s digital inclusion and associated trends […]

How to Recognise Abuse

TYPES OF ABUSE Physical Emotional Behavior Changes Controlling Behavior Come and share your views as we discuss and comprehend Recognising and responding to abuse -  According to NSPCC Learning guidelines.  

Mental Health Matters

PACT's purpose is to provide digital-inclined innovative, life-changing mental health support for socially excluded individuals and communities. Come share your views an let's discuss

Managing Emotions


Come and share your experiences with the following and more ... Managing anger Feeling hurt Feeling betrayed Being ashamed Being embarrassed Being scared Not knowing how to deal with someone else’s emotions Bottling up your emotions and not expressing what you want Not standing up for yourself Self-doubt Giving and receiving feedback