Our services and activities

Current services and activities we have been involved in:

Appointment based one to one service support

Focus group work and one on one support.

Emotional support.

Young people’s services.

Women’s Forum.

Digital skills training.

Men’s forum.

Community events.

Since it’s formation in 2017, PACT witnessed increased demand for services and focused on delivering the following;

  • Group work and one on one support. 80% 80%
  • Therapeutic support. 75% 75%
  • MEN & Women Forums 70% 70%
  • Young people’s services 85% 85%

Projects Pact has done outside the UK for our members families

PACT members and other members of the society generously offered to sponsor those affected children by paying their school fees. They are supporting each child with educational resources and other means to ensure that they stay in school. At that time each PACT member paid fees of £15 per child for the whole year and all the affected children had their fees covered to date. The headmaster of Ngangu  Mr Mahoso worked closely with PACT to ensure the smooth process and transparency of getting the fees paid for each and every child identified

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Ngangu Project

Through our memmber’s involvement in the cyclone Idai, we helped support Ngangu Primary School to ensure that every child receives the best foundation in life.
We conducted an assessment that identified families surrounding Ngangu Primary school were massively affected by Cyclone Idai that left many children unable to continue with their education due to loss of parents/guardians or parents losing income/resources. The school also had massive damage due to the floods. Close to 133 children between aged between 5-12 years in Grades 1 -7 and few secondary school children were identified within the same community.

Hopley Project

Hopely project is one of PACT’s main involvement outside the UK. The main achievement was helping our members to facilitate and work with sex workers to, help them divert their minds from engaging into risky business that exposes them to risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases like STIs, HIV/Aids etc. According to our research conducted in 2019, about 40 individuals were willing to change their means of living if given better opportunities, skills etc to alleviate poverty.

Chikowore Project

PACT has also been involved with Chikowere Primary and Secondary school in Mhondoro, and identified fifteen orphans lacking educational resources such as school fees, uniforms, stationery and transport. 

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