PACT is a non-profit organization that seeks 

  •      For the public benefit, to foster understanding, awareness, togetherness and digital inclusion amongst Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic BAME, young people over 16 and vulnerable adults in the UK community to close the gaps in digital access and skills in particular but not exclusively. 
  •       It is to promote greater well-being and understanding to ‘the relief of those in need because of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages. Thus helping the recipients to be self-sufficient and earn their living, have a current socio-economic understanding to a reasonable standard in a fair society.

 1. by providing a digital platform acting as a one-stop for information and knowledge of the current socio-economic climate, effectively using electronic referral forms and information leaflets to foster inclusion and understanding.

2. by providing an information hub to advance the use of technology, digital services, where focus group forums and discussions take place to identify the underlying problems prohibiting inclusion  electronic referral and application forms, 

  1.  by raising awareness through or services listed below to help identify the reason prohibiting behind black, Asian, and minority ethnic BAME, young people over 16 and vulnerable adults from efficiently using the digital tools to access the service they need
  2.  by finally providing help and support needed to bridge the digital knowledge gap such as training groups, information sharing, newsfeed and any activities necessary to ensure that  the target group has access to and the skills relevant data required to enhance digital inclusion



PACT (Partnership of Adults & Children Team) is a non profit organisation with the aim  of addressing the needs of disadvantaged families from the African community living in Uk. 
PACT takes a family oriented approach which ensures a safe platform that will empower communities to thrive.That is why  PACT believe that for one to gain their potential, we come together as community and work as a team to combat issues caused by increasing mental health, poor economic status and family breakdowns caused by cultural barriers and lack of services.

Our Services

  • Appointment based one to one service support
•Focus group work and one on one support.
•Emotional support.
•Young people’s services.
•Women’s Forum.
•Digital skills training.
•Men’s forum.
•Community events.

Since it’s formation in 2017, PACT witnessed increased demand for services and focused on delivering the following;

  • Group work and one on one support. 80% 80%
  • Therapeutic support. 75% 75%
  • MEN & Women Forums 70% 70%
  • Young people’s services 85% 85%

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Volunteer Program

The organization has at least one in-country staff member per program that meets the following criteria: (a) Their primary responsibility is to oversee the management and well-being of volunteers during the course of their experience abroad. (b) They reside within the country where a volunteer is serving and are on call in the event of an emergency. (c) Are members of pact

Sponsor Program

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are appealing for your support to ensure that the children and families stay safe, healthy, and protected. There are various ways that you can support the affected children and families  through donations


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